Best Things To Do In Tokyo June 2015

Tokyo Events June 2015

Best Things To Do In Tokyo June 2015 include: Fun Japanese Festival Sanno Matsuri with portable shrines, traditional costumes and huge parades in Tokyo, Drink as-much-as-you-can Beer Festival and a heart-throbbing climb to Tokyo Sky Tree.

Special Tokyo City Events and Best Things To Do In Tokyo June 2015

Sanno Matsuri Festival June 2015 (mid June, extends for over a week)

Its a colorful celebration, with people on horseback, legendary goblin costumes, Japanese drums,  and the most beautiful portable shrines all painted gold.

The Sanno Matsuri festival’s biggest attraction is a parade that winds through almost 20 kilometers of central Tokyo. The parade includes beautiful gold and black lacquered portable shrines. The parade begins and ends at Hie Shrine, the shrine of the guardian deity of  Tokyo. It lasts about nine hours.

In addition to the parade, there are lots of traditional events that are held at Hie Shrine, such as Shinto music, tea ceremonies, and dance performances. The activities of the week are sure to make memories so enjoy!

Best Hotels for Sanno Matsuri Festival in Tokyo

Ginza Hotels

Roppongi Hotels

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Where and When is Sanno Matsuri Festival in Tokyo?

Beginning at the Hie Shrine, the parade starts at 8 am, but you can catch it later along its route through Tokyo Station, Ginza, and in front of the Diet Building. The parade winds its way gradually around these areas, going past the Yotsuya train station and Yasukuni Shrine.

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Fun Things To Do In Tokyo June 2015

The Great Japan Beer Festival 2015 in Tokyo

Great Japan Beer Festival

Great Japan Beer Festival Image by

It’s the highlight of the year for Tokyo’s beer lovers: hardcore tasting, with over 100 varieties of local craft beers, and a jolly crowd. There’s a one-time admission fee for the Great Japan Beer Festival, and then you’re free to drink all the beer you can handle. Note that admission is limited to 1,500 people, so the event often sells out quickly, so you might want to take care of buying a ticket in advance.

Date: Sunday, June 01, 2015

Place: Ebisu Garden Hall

Getting there: By subway to Ebisu Station
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Tokyo Fun Things To Do June 2015

Sunset at Tokyo Sky Tree

skytree sunset

Discover one of Tokyo’s must-see attractions, Tokyo Skytree, opened in May 2012 and is the world’s tallest tower at a total height of 2,080 feet (634 meters). From the heights of the Skytree’s Tembo Deck, at 1,148 feet (350 meters), you can enjoy stunning panoramic views of Tokyo stretching to the horizon on every side. The 360-degree panoramic views from this height extend some 70 kilometers into the distance.

Another elevator then takes you 100 meters further up to the Tembo Galleria, making the Eiffel Tower look like small change.
The last five meters of this journey are made on foot via a five-meter spiral staircase, leaving guests with the sensation of having sky-walked. The braver guests may even look through a pane of glass-flooring all the way down to ground level!

Check out this Tokyo Sky Tree Tour for easy access

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Top Ten Things To Do In Tokyo June 2015

Best Things To See In Tokyo June 2015

Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea Special Events June 2015

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