Best Things To Do In Tokyo May 2015

Best Things To Do In Tokyo May 2015 include: 3 beautiful Japanese Festivals highly recommended for the parades with portable golden Shrines, traditional costumes and Geisha. The Sumo Wrestling Grand Tournament arrives to Tokyo.

Best Things To See In Tokyo May

Special Tokyo City Events and Top Things To Do In Tokyo!

3 Fantastic Japanese Festivals in May, Highly Recommended

3 beautiful Japanese festivals highly recommended for the lively parades with portable golden Shrines, Geishas, Kid’s wearing traditional Samurai costumes and delicious Japanese Festival foods.

10 Fun Tokyo Attractions On Kanda Matsuri in Tokyo – only happens every two years on odd numbered years, so if you are lucky enough to be in Tokyo during the right year you are in for a real Japanese experience.

7 Things To Do On Asakusa Sanja Matsuri Festival – a wild Shinto festival you don’t want to miss.

Children’s DayKids parade in traditional Japanese costumes, carrying miniature shrines. So cute, and a great photo opportunity!

Best Tokyo Hotels For the Japanese Festivals in May

Ginza Hotels

Roppongi Hotels

Rates and Reviews: Tokyo Japan Hotels: Best Cheap Hotel, Family Friendly, Romantic And Short Term Apartments

Fun Things To Do In Tokyo May 2015

Sumo Wrestling Events and Schedule

May 2015 (various dates), Ryogoku Kokugikan Wrestling Arena, Tokyo

Forget kabuki; sumo is a better show! If you happen to be in Tokyo during May you can catch some of the action at Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo’s National Sumo Hall. Professional Sumo Tournaments take place six times a year. Each tournament begins on Sunday and lasts 15 days. During January, May and September tournaments are held in Tokyo.
The competition begins at 9:00 AM every day with the amateurs.
The professional wrestlers start around 2:30 PM.
But the real excitement begins at 3:50 PM, when the top ranked competitors enter the ring.
Do Buy Sumo Tickets in Advance. During Sumo tournaments, tickets for the upper division’s matches are hard to find. Also, the first rows in the Arena are tiny cabins. The Japanese sit there on their knees for hours, but it’s unlikely that you can do that too. So you need specific tickets.

If you’d like to buy tickets, checkout  Japan National Tourism Organization Page on Sumo

If it’s not tournament season, try to catch an early-morning training session at a sumo stable. Some are more foreigner-friendly than others. More info Here: Secrets Behind the scenes of Sumo Wrestling

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Tokyo Fun Things To Do May 2015

Kyoto Rail Tour by Bullet Train from Tokyo

How to Travel from Tokyo to Kyoto for 6000 Yen

Why take this tour?

17 of the World Heritage Sites are located in Kyoto: The Golden Pavilion, Nijo Castle, Kyoto Imperial Palace – these places have an out of this world beauty.
The Ancient capital is too spread out to be walking from one spot to another.
Kyoto tours take you through all Kyoto’s Romantic and beautiful sites.
See More: Kyoto Tour
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Best Things To Do In Tokyo May 2015 – What to Book now!

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Best Things To See In Tokyo May 2015

Once Upon a Time – a new nighttime entertainment at Tokyo Disneyland® Park

Tokyo Disneyland will add a new nighttime spectacular called “Once Upon A Time” in May 2015.
Tokyo Disney Resort® announced that the Castle Projection show “Once Upon a Time,” a new nighttime entertainment at Tokyo Disneyland® Park, will premiere on May 29, 2015.
Tokyo Disneyland Castle will be the focus of this attraction in Projection Mapping Show “Once Upon a Time”. This nighttime entertainment uses new projection mapping technology to produce a three-dimensional effect by projecting images in a way that fits the contours of buildings and other structures. This is the first time for this technology to be used in an entertainment program at Tokyo Disney Resort.

“Once Upon a Time” begins with Mrs. Potts from the Disney classic film Beauty and the Beast telling her son, Chip, a bedtime story. Many of the unforgettable scenes from Disney films, including Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella, are vividly projected in 3D on the exterior of Cinderella Castle to the accompaniment of favorite Disney music and special effects, such as on-stage pyrotechnics. Guests will find that this brand new entertainment is rich and full of wonder, a veritable “storybook come to life.”

Duration: About 15 minutes
Venue: Cinderella Castle

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Tokyo Disneyland & Disney Sea Printable Guide and Book

Tokyo Disneyland & Disney Sea Printable Guide and Book

If you went to Tokyo Disneyland today, would you know:

  • How to find the Cheapest Tokyo Disneyland Tickets
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First hand, practical, organized Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo Disney Sea information you can download and print with one click

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