Cell Phone Rental In Japan

Japanese Cell Phone Rental

If you want to be on the safe side – you’ll need Cell Phone Rental in Japan.

You might want to check with your local supplier before arriving since the system is starting to change now.
But in most cases you will find that renting from a Japan cell phone company is necessary.

What You Don’t Know About Japan Cell Phone Rental Can Cost You A Fortune

The Japanese system is different than in other countries. So YOUR phone in Japan won’t work.

If you plan to call your home country, or make necessary calls inside Japan you’d better rent one (very easy procedure-keep reading).

The major technical reason is because the Japanese system works through PDC, rather than the GSM standard used in North America and Europe mobile systems.

Cell Phone Rental issue seems like a big pain to the Tokyo Tourist, but if you follow these 2 simple steps, then you’ll find the Best way to deal with it is…

Cell Phone Rental is Easy

Rental is a very easy procedure here.

  • If you want to pre-organize your Travel, you can do so by ordering through the internet.
  • Before you do any Cell Phone Rental for Japan online, make sure to check out if it has free incoming calls, the latest models available,and comes with English characters.
  • Or you can rent from a phone company in Tokyo Narita Airport when you arrive.
    All of the companies at the airports have the same day rentals. Some companies offer discounts for advanced reservations.
    You can return it by mail, or at the Airport Booth, depending on the company.

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