How To Speak Japanese

Fast And Easy Basic Japanese Words

How to Speak Japanese in no time?
Basic Japanese words and phrases-

If you’re planning on teaching English in Japan, learning Japanese Language Basics will give you better chances to land a job.

When most people think of learning a language, they think of the years and years of hard work they will need to put in.
Most people consider the amount of time it will take them to learn, decide it’s impossible and give up.
This is a pity since learning a new language doesn’t take as long as most people expect.
In fact, with 10 minutes a day and the right word list, anyone can have a certain level of fluency within a matter of months.

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How To Learn Japanese In No Time

Of course any language has thousands of words, but only a small portion of those are in use in everyday life.
It’s not the number of common words that you know, it’s which words you know.


Most of the communication during your time in Tokyo will be on basic subjects – shopping, Tokyo Restaurants and asking for directions on the street.

You can learn the Language in a matter of days, and start talking with the locals. That way you can get into some adventures off the beaten Tokyo tourism path.

The key is choosing the right basic Japanese word list to learn.

Below is a word list of some of the most common Japanese words.

This list is by no means complete, but should help you get around during your time in Tokyo.
I believe studying some numbers will help you communicate anytime money is involved.

The Quickest Way I Know To Learn Basic Japanese:
A Japanese Word List
  • Me, I – watashi
  • Yes – hai
  • No- iie
  • What – nani
  • Name – namae
  • Nice to meet you – Hajimemashite
  • excuse me/sorry – sumimasen
  • thank you – Arigatou gozaimasu
  • sorry – gomen nasai
  • good morning – ohayougozaimasu
  • good afternoon – konnichi wa
  • good evening – konnban wa
  • How are you? – ogenki desu ka
  • I’m fine – genki desu
  • taxi – takushii
  • hotel – hoteru
  • train – densha
  • station – eki
  • where is – wa doko
  • ticket – kippu
  • money – okane
  • bank – ginkou
  • How much? – ikura
  • foreigner – gaijin
  • Japan – nihon

More Basic Japanese Words You Should Know

  • noon – ohiru
  • morning – asa
  • evening – yoru
  • meal – gohan
  • expensive – takai
  • cheap – yasui
  • subway – chikatetsu
  • close – chikai
  • far – toi
  • warm – atatakai
  • cold – samui
  • Monday – getsuyoubi
  • Tuesday – kayoubi
  • Wednesday – suiyoubi
  • Thursday – mokuyoubi
  • Friday – kinyoubi
  • Saturday – doyoubi
  • Sunday – bnichiyoubi
  • weekend – shuumatsu
  • Where is train station – Eki wa doko desu ka
  • How much is this – kore wa ikura desu ka
  • I want to go to – ni ikitai desu
  • I would like (to buy) this please – kore onegaishimasu
  • Where is the bathroom – otearai wa doko desu ka
  • Can I get – kudasai
  • Please speak more slowly – motto yukkuri hanashite kudasai
  • Can you please repeat it – mou ichido itte kudasai

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