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Japan Food: Best Japanese foods, Sweets in Japan, traditional food in Japan, Coolest Japanese Desserts and Tokyo Restaurants.

Photo Credit: adactio via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: adactio via Compfight cc

But if you’ve decided to skip Foods In Japan, you’re making a huge mistake.

There is nothing like Traditional Japanese Foods for an exciting meal with unfamiliar tastes, colors and smells.

Tokyo Food is always served in beautiful dishes.

Green Tea is served in beautiful Tea Sets and Tea pots.

Japanese Desserts change colors and shape according to the season.
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Japanese Desserts,
Traditional Japanese Foods

Japanese Foods

Japanese Mochi

Traditional Japanese Diet

Foods In Japan: Foods For Slow Aging

Foods in Japan are probably the Best for your Health. The people of Japan are known for their slow aging.
The Traditional Japanese Diet and the Traditional Tokyo foods are considered the main reasons that local people have one of the longest life spans in the world.
Another thing you’ll notice in Japan is how much younger everyone looks comparing to their age group in western countries.

The traditional diet relies heavily on soybeans. Soybeans are said to be the most complete nutritious protein.
Traditional Foods like Miso Soup and tofu which are made from Soybeans, accompany lunch, dinner and Breakfast in Tokyo.

The Japanese Food culture is very different from the western ‘Meat and potatoes’ plate.
Traditional meals include many small dishes, carefully planned to satisfy the taste and the eye.
A small bowl of Rice is served with each meal.
Miso soup is the last thing you have at the end of every meal.
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Eating In Japan: Food In Tokyo

Best Restaurants In Tokyo By Area

Tokyo Restaurants Ginza

Food in Tokyo is not that expensive.
There are thousands of affordable Restaurants in Tokyo selling yummy food, without being expensive.
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Michelin Guide Tokyo On Japan Food

Tokyo has been building a reputation as the ‘dining capital of the world’.
Michelin Guide Tokyo claims that “Tokyo is the top gastronomic city in the world”.
Tokyo is home to some of the Best restaurants in the world, with legendary chefs and striking views of Tokyo skyline at night.
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Japanese Desserts

Foods In Japan - Japanese Desserts (c) Kanko at FlickrSugary sweet desserts are not common in Japan. Desserts are not a part of Traditional food in Japan.

Japanese cake recipes and Mochi recipes are usually based on sweet red bean paste, sweet white bean paste, mashed sweet potatoes and chestnuts.

I know these sounds weird, but wait…
It only gets weirder – Desserts normally have a sticky texture.
But believe me, you have to Give local desserts a try! They are addicting…
Traditional desserts have a very subtle sweet taste.

The sweets are also a great way to include Green Tea products in everyday food, since there are Green Tea cakes and Green Tea ice cream.
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