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  • Over 90% of the Japanese population buys a comic-magazine daily. Manga (Japanese animation) is more than 80% Of Japan’s Book sales.
  • On ‘Respect for the Aged Day’ – one of the Japanese national holidays, Tobacco companies give away free cigarettes to the elderly outside Tokyo subway stations.

Japan Fun Facts For Kids

  • Here’s a piece of piece of fun facts about Japan – Toilet seats in Tokyo are heated, and can also wash and dry.
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  • Every year around Cherry blossom flower festival the weather forecasts on Television and Radio include reports on the advance of the Sakura zensen – the Cherry Blossom trees front.
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  • Male kabuki actors play the roles of females. Women were forbidden to act in Kabuki Theater,and this tradition still goes on today.
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  • Here’s one of the strangest facts about Japan – Some Japanese numbers are considered to be lucky or unlucky. 3, 5, and 7 are lucky numbers, 4 and 9 are unlucky.
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  • The emergency room masks people wear in the streets are not due to a terrible disease that has spread in Tokyo. They are worn in order to protect other people from a virus or a slight cold.

Tokyo Japan Facts

  • Tokyo teens wear costumes every Sunday. It is called Cosplay, and you can see them in Harajuku.
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  • One of the most important Japan facts for a tourist – Japanese drive on the left, just like in England. So watch out when crossing the street.
  • Noh, a traditional and popular Japanese theater can last up to eight hours.
  • The Japanese kanji writing system includes almost 2,000 Kanji characters in everyday use.
  • Sumo is the national sport in Japan. Most Rikishi (Sumo professional wrestlers) weigh an average of 160 kg, and up to 250 kg.

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