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Top 3 Sports In Japan:
The Insiders Guide To Traditional Japanese Sports

Why Sports In Japan is Good For You…

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What’s behind Japan Sports?

Japanese swords and Sumo are just two of the best Things to do in Tokyo.

Sumo, Aikido, Japanese swords, are all traditional sports which were created and developed during early periods of Japanese history.

I must admit – when I first watched a Sumo tournament, I just couldn’t understand what it was that the Japanese were enjoying so much.

I mean–looking at these huge men, with just a small diaper to their waists is not a pretty sight.

As time went by, I learned more about Sumo, and learned to enjoy Japan Sports.

It takes time to get over the initial weirdness of things in Japan, and go into a deeper level.

Sumo is the national sport in Japan. Most Sumo wrestlers are professional competitors weighing an average of 160 – 250 kg.

Rules of Sumo are simple compared to western-style wrestling.

The professional sumo tournaments take place six times a year for 15 days each.

While planning your time in Tokyo, why don’t you participate in a Sumo tournament?

Get a ticket for the professional tournaments is not easy, you can find they’re sold out many months in advance.
That’s why I found this option which is an easy, hassle free way to Order your Sumo tickets in advance.

4 Reasons To Collect Japanese Swords

Many followers of Japanese swords (Katana) visit Tokyo to examine and educate themselves on antique and modern Japanese Samurai swords.

Sword making is considered an art, and the professional knowledge was kept secret.

Only few sword smiths today have the knowledge to produce authentic Japanese swords, and the Japanese government grants them with the title “a living cultural monument”.

Traditional Sports In Japan

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