Japanese Tourist Attractions

Top 10 Japan Attractions For Kids: What To Do In Tokyo With Kids

Japan is full of Fun and famous Japanese Tourist Attractions that can keep your kids busy day and night.
It’s an exciting city at every age, but there’s an extra thrill in visiting Japan with kids or Teens.
Japanese Tourist Attractions

Japanese Tourist Attractions In Tokyo For Kids

Tokyo Disneyland wins as one of the best Things To Do with Kids in Tokyo.
Disney Sea & Disneyland Japan are magnificent parks with Cinderella castle, a complete replica of a medieval Italian village, Gondolas in the river, an erupting volcano, magical nighttime illuminations, and the famous Disney parades.
Most of the attractions at Disney Sea Tokyo are unique to this park and have not been copied elsewhere.
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Tourism In Japan With Kids

Tokyo Disneyland
& Disney Sea

Studio Ghibli Museum, The Disney Of The East. Housed in a quirky building that sets the atmosphere, it’s a Fun place for anyone into Animation.
The famous Studio Ghibli has created many Japanese animation movies (Ponio on a cliff by the sea, My neighbor Totoro, Howl’s moving castle and more).
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Sumo Tournaments. Kids and teens will love Sumo. Sumo wrestlers weigh up to 250 kg. Certainly something to tell your friends back home…
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Famous Tourist Attractions Japan

Kabuki Theater. For a taste of traditional Japanese culture take the kids to a Show with traditional Kabuki Makeup.The best place to see a Kabuki Theater Show is in the Kabukiza Theater in Ginza.
English Headphones can be rented and you can buy tickets for just one act of the play, which takes about 30 minutes – that’s a reasonable time for kid’s concentration.
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Bullet Train. All kids love trains, and the Shinkansen is the Bullet train that speeds at 200 km per hour across Japan.
It’s not only fast, it’s also very comfortable. Use it to go for a day trip to Kyoto or Mt Fuji.
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Shopping in Tokyo is one of the Most FUN Things To Do with Kids.
Kiddy-Land is one of the shops that make the city a kid’s paradise: Heaps of Hello Kitty, Puca and other “kawai” (‘cute’ in Japanese) characters are densely packed into Three floors of brands on everything from lunch boxes and towels to mouse pads and notebooks.
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