Japanese Desserts

Japanese Sweets And Japanese Cake Recipes

Japanese Desserts are made from Rice flour, Green Tea, Black Beans and chestnuts.

japanese desserts

Image by moriza (license)

Check out these cute Japanese Sweets. Almost too beautiful to eat!

Japanese Desserts - Mochi  (c) Yoppy at Flickr

Japanese cakes are known for being healthy, perfect for anyone with Gluten intolerance (made from rice flour) and not too sugary. Rice flour may sound intimidating to some, but dessert Recipes from Japan are actually very easy to prepare.
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Easy Japanese Dessert Making: Japanese Cakes Recipes & Photos

Japanese Food Culture

Mochi is the name of a local cake – my favorite actually.
The traditional way of making Mochi was pounding the rice by hand which was obviously a pain…
Luckily, today there’s rice flour in every health store, so making a Japanese Cake Recipe is something you can do at home.

The Best thing about Japanese Sweets is that there’s no baking in the oven. The only part where you need some heat is cooking the rice flour on the stove.
This makes it a very relaxing activity, perfect for preparing with kids too.

Japanese Mochi

Traditional Japanese Diet

The other thing I enjoy about desserts recipes from Japan is that there are no greasy dishes to clean.
The sweets recipes include zero fat – no additional fat is added to the mixture of rice flour/black beans/green tea etc.

That’s what makes the local people such a lean nation.
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Local cake recipes are easy to prepare as explained here by Harumi, “Japan’s Martha Stewart”, called so because of her bestselling cookbooks, lifestyle magazine and line of kitchenware: Food & Desserts cookbook By Harumi

Most Beautiful Japanese Dessert: Wagashi

Japanese Dessert Recipe - Wagashi (c) Merec0 at Flickr Japanese Cake (C) Kanko at Flickr

Wagashi is another cute sweet, and delicious too.
There’s a “competition” going on between Japanese Sweet shops as to how far they can go with creativity, changing the the colors and shapes of the Wagashi to reflect the change of the season.
Tokyo in October / November – Wagashi in the colors of red and golden Autumn and in the shape of maple leaves.
Tokyo in March / April – Wagashi in the colors of pink Cherry Blossom and in the shapes of cherry blossom flowers.
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Japanese Desserts For Cherry Blossom Festival

Take a look at this cherry blossom cake photo.
Making cakes for Sakura (Cherry Blossom Festival) is a big thing here in Tokyo during April.
Here’s a photo of a Cherry Blossom Cake.

Cherry Blossom Cake (c) Love Janine at Flickr

Japanese Cakes For Kids

Kids in Japan are really lucky. Moms tend to put a big effort into making their Bento lunch-boxes so cute the kids can’t help themselves but eat the ‘Hello Kitty’ shaped carrot, or the heart shaped omelet.

This goes for desserts and sweets too – just look at these irresistible sweets for kids!
Taiyaki is a fish shaped cookie. The crust is crispy waffle and the filling is a red been paste.

Tayaki - Japnese cake (c) Yoppy at Flickr

Cute Japanese Candy Sweets

Japanese Cakes With Green Tea

Daifuku with Green Tea / Matcha is a great way to include Green Tea products in your diet.
For making dessert recipes I use Green tea products of a slightly lower quality because the Top Quality green tea is very expensive.
Green Tea has even been found to help weight loss. So, I guess its worth giving it a try.

Daifuku - Japanese Desserts (c) Usodesita at Flickr

I like Mochi and Wagashi recipes because its a guilt-free way to enjoy something sweet.
The easy way to go about it is with “Japan’s Martha Stewart”-Harumi that has desserts Recipes from Japan.

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