Japanese Food Culture

The Truth About Food In Japan

Want To Discover Japanese Food Culture? Here’s a Fast and Fun Guide to Traditional Japanese Food-

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It’s True: the food in Japan is indeed responsible for the people’s outstanding lifespan (the longest in the world) and young look.
All major western culture diseases such as heart attacks, high blood pressure and cancer are less common in Japan.

Many people hesitate before tasting Traditional Japanese Foods, especially the raw dishes.
That’s a pity since there is nothing like Traditional local food for an exciting gastronomic experience with Super tastes, colors and smells.

Food in Tokyo won’t make you feel heavy. A Traditional Meal hardly contains any butter, sugar, fat or red meat.
The traditional Japanese Diet is considered one of the main reasons that local people have one of the longest life spans in the world.

Top 10 Traditional Japanese Foods

Japanese Mochi

Traditional Japanese Diet

A very widespread belief is that Food in Tokyo is expensive.
It’s true that there are Tokyo Restaurants where you will pay a fortune, but besides them there are thousands of Restaurants selling yummy food in Tokyo, without being pricey.

Japanese Food Culture is influenced by the fact that most Tokyo office workers commute for more than an hour to work.

That’s why the population of Tokyo has a Japanese Food Culture of plenty of affordable Restaurants along the day and into the Tokyo Nightlife scene.

The typical office worker eats 2-3 meals a day in Restaurants. He ends his working day by drinking and eating with his colleagues before commuting home.

The problem of hygiene which you have in many other countries in Asia does not exist in Tokyo. All Tokyo Restaurants are clean and safe to eat in.

Breakfast in Tokyo contains many small dishes which look like a lot of food to the western eye. Together they make a ‘power breakfast’ that is surprisingly very light.

What To Expect From A Traditional Japanese Meal?

A Traditional Meal typically includes Rice, Miso soup, fish (usually two dishes – one hot and one cold), Japanese pickles and Green tea.

Another type of Traditional Japanese Foods is the noodles. There are at least 10 kinds of different noodles here. The noodles are served in soups – Ramen, or fried – Yaki Soba.

Another type of local Food – Sushi.
What is Sushi? Sushi is small pieces of seafood. Sushi is served with Japanese pickles, Ginger, Wasabi (very spicy) and soy sauce.

You pour some soy sauce into a small plate and add a little (!!) Wasabi. You then mix the Wasabi into the Soy. The Sushi is then dipped with the help of the chopsticks into the sauce.

To be on the safe side order –

  • Chutoro –Tuna
  • Ebi- Shrimps
  • Ikura – Salmon fish eggs
  • Torigai – oyster

Sashimi is the raw fish or seafood itself, served without Rice.

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