Maid Cafe

The Truth About Maid Cafes In Tokyo

Top insider secrets on Tokyo’s Maid Café: French-maid and masters in Akihabara.

The Maid cafés can be found in Akihabara, Tokyo.

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Akihabara is home to fans of Anime, icons and games. They are involved also in Japanese Cosplay role-playing games.
Japanese Anime and Manga (animation) and Cosplay are a fantastic youth culture in Japan, with costume wearing, dressing up as your favorite character, obsession for comic books and video games.
They all gather in Akihabara.
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French Maids And Masters: Tokyo’s Maid Cafe

Maid Cafe (c) Tata aka at Flickr In these unique Cafe’s young Japanese women dress in French-maid outfits and treat their customers like masters.
The opening of the first café was in 2000. This started a trend that became super-popular.
You can actually see lines forming in front of these Café’s at certain hours.
Recently Japanese women are getting their share of the fun, since ‘Butler cafés’ have opened too.
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What Happens In A Maid Café?

The Manga-style maids play the role of a house servant. They serve the customers as if they were their masters.
Examples? greeting them with ‘Welcome home Master’ when they enter, feeding them with a spoon, Kneeling on the ground to mix sugar or milk, playing kids games with the customers for an extra fee.

Basically these cafe’s serve as an escape for Japanese men from work tensions.

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