Best Things To Do In Odaiba

Odaiba Japan: Fuji TV headquarters, Miraikan science museum, Las- Vegas style Shopping malls, extravagant replica of the statue of liberty, Toyota showroom, Panasonic showroom, Rainbow bridge and the Ferris wheel.
Venus Fort Odaiba (c) Carlos Alejo at Flickr
The area was built from man made islands in the Bay of Tokyo which were created in the Edo Period.
During the extravagant eighties in Japan the islands were developed into a futuristic business district.

Top 10 Things To Do In Odaiba Tokyo

Romantic Dinner Cruise at Odaiba Bridge

Romantic – Odaiba is one of the most Romantic places in Tokyo since the illuminated Rainbow bridge and Ferris wheel are fantastic at nighttime. Check out this Dinner Cruise in a traditional Japanese boat that takes you through Rainbow Bridge at night, while dining on traditional Japanese food under the stars. Its one of the most popular tours in Tokyo.
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Rainbow bridge – connects the islands to Tokyo. To get to Odaiba you ride the yurikamome – a monorail without a driver, that leaves from Shinbashi and from Shiodome subway stations.
You enter the area through Rainbow bridge in Tokyo bay.
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Fuji TV headquarters – When crossing Rainbow Bridge, the first thing you’ll notice is the Fuji TV headquarters building. It has a giant metal ball on top of it, which serves as an observatory deck. A good place to start your trip. Get off at Daiba station for this attraction.

Miraikan – one of the Best science museums in the world, with great interactive exhibitions – the perfect pet (a furry seal robot which reacts to your strokes), Asimo the human robot which plays football, and lots more. Get off at the Fune-No-Kagakukan station.
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The Ferris wheel is 115 meters and is one of the world’s highest, with incredible views of the bay area. Don’t miss it in the evening when its illuminated.

Mega Web – a Toyota showroom (part of Palette Town) where you can try out Toyota’s newest models (including Lexus). You can also take a ride on an electric vehicle, so bring your Japanese or international driving license with you.
Kids activity here-learn how to fix and drive Race Cars.
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Panasonic Center – a showroom for the latest Panasonic products. The newest cameras, 3D TV screens, computers and Nintendo games. Get off at Ariake station.


Palette Town-Venus Fort – a very extravagant mall, replica of a medieval Italian town, blue skies and fountains included.
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