Samurai Masks

The Truth About Samurai Japanese Masks: Secrets From The History Of The Samurai

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The Japanese warriors were an army created to protect the noble class in Japan during Ancient Japanese History.

They were very respected and lived according to strict Rules: the Bushido code of the Samurai.

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The Japanese Samurai Masks

Samurai Masks

Masks have been used in Ancient Japanese Culture to cover the identity of the Warrior, hide emotions (fear) during Battle, or to scare the enemy as much as possible.
The mask usually had an angry and frightening appearance.
Together with the masks, the Japanese warriors used a helmet that had spears or horns sticking out from it to enhance the wild and ruthless image.
The Japanese Masks were made from leather or metal and decorated with animal hair and fur.
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The Clever Shape Of Ancient Japanese Masks

The Masks were lacquered from the inside to make them smooth and comfortable to wear, and usually painted red to enhance the power and courage of the Japanese Warrior.
The masks also had a throat shield to protect this sensitive area during fighting.
The Mask had a breathing hole and holes for the eyes. These holes also permitted excess heat to evaporate from the iron mask.
The Mask making was considered an art, and the professional knowledge was kept secret by the Artisans.
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Cool Facts From History Of The Samurai

The masks of the Samurai had the crest of the Japanese Warrior’s clan.
Japanese families often passed the Antique Masks from one generation to the other.
The warriors were excellent swordsmen. The mask was only an addition to the Samurai Weapons and spirit.
That time in Japan history is known for the creation of Japanese Samurai swords, Ninja Samurai Swords, Samurai weapons and Armor.
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During the civil wars in Japan (end of the Heian Period 1185 AD), when Japanese military clans began fighting between themselves for power,the Samurai warriors gained power and turned from a military class created to protect, to a noble class of warriors.
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