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Fish Market – Piles of oysters, shell fish, deep sea crabs, eels and other small sea creatures in the largest open-air fish market in the world. The area around the market has charming traditional shops selling Japanese food. See More: Tokyo Fish Market – Tsukiji Fish Market
Fish Market
Geisha – Visiting Asakusa is Like Stepping Into Another Time Zone, Tokyo’s former Red light and Geisha district has a very Traditional feel to it.
See More: Asakusa Tokyo’s Geisha District
Asakusa Geisha
Japanese Gardens – one of the best things to do in Tokyo, especially during spring or Autumn. Take time to sample green tea and Japanese desserts and enjoy maple trees in Autumn colors or blooming pink cherry trees in Spring. Give rest to your aching feet in the small Teahouses serving Green Tea and Japanese Desserts, walk the stepping stones around the pond, enjoy the view of a traditional Japanese Bridge. See More: Must See Japanese Gardens in Tokyo
Japanese Gardens
Kabuki Theater – Love, Revenge And Secrets: Traditional Japan at its Best. Check out Kabukiza Theater in Ginza Tokyo. Its the best place to see Japanese Kabuki. Discounts for Japanese Kabuki Theater in Tokyo.
Tokyo’s ‘Fifth Avenue’, Omotesando street – An elegant boulevard lined with elm trees, designer shops and small cafe’s. It’s a great place to stroll, do some window-Shopping, and enjoy a chic ambiance while avoiding the heavy crowds of Midtown. See More: Omotesando, Tokyo’s Fifth Avenue
Simon le nippon (cc) at flickr
Tokyo’s ‘Times Square’, Shibuya
Shopping, Nightlife, Karaoke, Fashion And Love Hotels. Think futuristic, fast and sparkling – neon signs and the latest and most extreme Tokyo fashion trends. Karaoke clubs that are open all night, and lively pachinko parlors. One of the most Fun Things to do in Tokyo. See More: Shibuya, Tokyo
Shibuya lestaylorphoto (c) at flickr
Shrines -Meiji Shrine is located in a green forest. You can hardly believe you’re in the busy center of the city. Its an active Shinto temple so traditional Shinto weddings. See More: Meiji Shrine, No. #1 Tokyo Attractions
Japanese New Year (c)
Palace – a magnificent Japanese Palace that is home to one of the most discreet and unknown Royal families in the world. Take a leisurely stroll through the Japanese gardens surrounding the palace. Don’t Miss Marunouchi right next to the palace, an area bubbling with bars, restaurants, up-scale shopping malls, culture and Entertainment. See More: Imperial Palace Tokyo, and Marunouchi
HyperLemon (cc) at flickr
Sumo Wrestling in Tokyo: – Buying Sumo tickets, Schedule, Best seats for foreigners, How to get there, what time the Professional wrestlers appear, visiting the Wrestling Stables and the Sumo museum. One of the Coolest Tokyo Attractions. More details: Sumo Tournaments, Tokyo
Best Things To Do in Tokyo January
Shopping In Japan is paradise, but some of the best Tokyo City shopping is a hidden secret and cannot be found in tour books. Read along to find Best places for Tokyo Shopping.

Shopping for Fashion Omotesando, Ginza, Roppongi Hills

Shopping for Gadgets Akihabara

Shopping for Japanese Souvenirs Omotesando

Shopping In Second Hand Shops / Vintage Shops in Tokyo Shinjuku

Shopping Malls High-End (Maranouchi, Roppongi Hills & Tokyo Midtown)

Shibuya lestaylorphoto (c) at flickr

Mt Fuji – the famous symbol of Japan, a sacred mountain and an active volcano. With a beautifully symmetrical volcanic cone, It goes without saying Fuji Mountain is a must see while staying in Japan. See More: 2 Ways To See Mt Fuji
Mt Fuji stockfree images
Must See Tokyo Museums – Did you know that Tokyo Museums are nothing like the boring, stuffy museums you’ve been to. Think interactive, adventurous, constantly changing while you’re there. How about Robots That Play Football at The National Museum of Emerging Science, Flight Simulators at The National Science Museum or Studio Ghibli-creator of famous Japanese Anima. One of the best Tokyo things to do. See More: Top 10 Museums In Tokyo
tokyo museums
The Best Tokyo city Skyline observatories:
Tokyo Sky Tree –
towering some 634 meters above the Japanese capital is the tallest tower in the world. Glass-flooring makes you feel like you’re sky-walking. Makes the Eiffel Tower look like small change.
Tokyo TowerThe lookalike of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which for some reason never gained international recognition as it’s French twin. One of the most Romantic things to do in Tokyo.
Roppongi Hills This viewing deck gives you a superb 360 degrees of the city from the 52nd floor of one of the Most elegant Tokyo Shopping malls.
Ari Helminen (c) at flickr

Amusement ParksTokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea are magnificent parks with Cinderella castle, a complete replica of a medieval Italian village, Gondolas in the river, an erupting volcano, magical nighttime illuminations, and the famous Disney parades. See More: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea
Tokyo Disneyland
Day Trips from Tokyo – Must see places to visit in Japan, the ones you can do even if you’re on a short visit. Bullet train tours, hiking tours, Geisha tours, eco-tours, craft tours and More. Check out seasonal Discounts on tours of Japan
nicola.albertini (cc) at flickr
Odaiba futuristic business district – Fuji TV headquarters, Miraikan science museum, Las- Vegas style Shopping malls, extravagant replica of the statue of liberty, Toyota showroom, Panasonic showroom, Rainbow bridge and the Ferris wheel. The area is packed with theme parks, one of the best Science museums in the world and very interesting futuristic architecture.
Venus Fort Odaiba (c) Carlos Alejo at Flickr
Tea Ceremony. Experience the very Best of traditional Japanese culture. People in Japan treat the ceremony as an art form. They use it as a sort of meditation – a way to detach themselves from the daily routine and to attain inner peace.
Green Tea Kanko (c) at flickr
Karaoke -Fun!
A Karaoke bar or a Karaoke box (private room with a TV, microphones and a karaoke system).
Either way a fun evening is guaranteed. Check out for the Karaoke bars with English songs included.
Stéfan (c) at flickr
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