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  • Tokyo Disneyland lines – How to Grab as many Fastpass as possible
  • Disneyland Admission Discounts
  • Disneyland Rides – Which ones are a Must, which to skip
  • Best Tokyo Disney Attractions, including Age and Health restrictions
  • Cheap Hotels near Disneyland, and transport to the park
  • Disneyland Tokyo tours

Tokyo-Top-Guide Tip* – The Lines are LONG

Disneyland Tokyo Lines

Did you know that Disneyland Tokyo is one of the most visited theme parks in the world?

During peak season the park sometimes closes its doors and stops letting people in around noon, because it has reached its maximum capacity.
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Best time to go to avoid long lines is early in the morning. Collect as many Fastpass tickets as possible (these are the tickets that let you skip lines at Disneyland Rides).

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Tokyo Disneyland: Getting There

Disneyland Tokyo - Getting There

How to get to Disneyland Japan without knowing any Japanese?
Yes, there’s a way…
The train to Disney Tokyo operates from Tokyo Station.
The line that goes to Disneyland is the JR Keiyo Line elevated train.
Maihama is the stop that serves the Disney Japan Resort.
If you take a ‘Local’ train, Maihama will be the sixth stop, if you take a ‘Rapid’ train, it will be the third stop.

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Arriving straight from the Airport?
There is a Limo Bus that runs straight from Narita airport to the Disney Resort.
Tickets for the Limo bus are available at the counter which is right at the exit of the Airport.
The buses drive takes about 60 minutes.

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Tokyo Disneyland: 7 Theme Parks

  • Disneyland TokyoWorld Bazaar- replica of an American Victorian-style town
  • Adventureland – tropical jungle rivers, pirates and Indians
  • Westernland – America’s ‘Wild West’
  • Critter Country – the cartoon tricks of Brer Rabbit
  • Fantasyland – the classic Disneyland attractions
  • Toontown – inspired by the movie ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’
  • Tomorrowland – space and star wars

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Top 10 Rides at Disneyland Japan as Rated by travelers

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Tokyo Disney Sea: 7 Theme Parks

Tokyo Disney Sea

The entrance to DisneySea is simply breathtaking – an entire Italian medieval village built right into Mediterranean Harbor.
The décor is simply spectacular.

  • Mediterranean Harbor
  • American waterfront
  • Port Discovery
  • Lost River Delta – Indiana Jones adventures
  • Arabian Coast- Aladdin
  • Mermaid Lagoon
  • Mysterious Island – ‘Captain Nemo’

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Disney Sea Tokyo (Which Is Better If You Only Have one Day)

Disney Sea Tips

Japan Disneyland Facts & Getting Ready

Tokyo Disneyland has signs in English, so there is no problem navigating.

Some Disneyland Rides have restrictions depending on height, age, health or disabilities.
Children under age 7 must be accompanied by a grownup (16 or over) on all Disneyland Attractions.

There is a ‘Baby Center’ located in Toontown (between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland).
The ‘Baby Center’ has Stations for changing diapers, Space for nursing, Hot water for preparing baby formulas, Sales of diapers and stroller rain covers.
You can also rent strollers for use in the Park.

Wheelchairs and motorized wheelchairs are also available for rent.

There are Coin-operated lockers available around the entrance areas and outside the Parks. The lockers are available for one day only, meaning you have to collect your stuff on the same day.

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Disneyland Hours

Special Warning: Disneyland Japan Special Effects that are not suitable for kids, pregnant women, or specific health conditions

Tokyo Disneyland Hotels

For a complete Disney Tokyo trip I suggest you make reservations to one of the Hotels near Disneyland.

These hotels can save time in terms of standing in lines (you go in through hotel guest’s entrance), and no commutating during morning Rush hour.

These are hand picked hotels that are not just “near” Tokyo Disneyland, as some other hotels claim to be…but in the Tokyo Disney Resort itself.

These are the closest, and all offer Disneyland park views from select rooms.

Disney Ambassador Hotel

Disney Ambassador HotelThe Art Deco-design hotel is located right next door to the fancy Ikspiari shopping center, at the entrance to the Disney resort.

The location is on grounds of Disney resort, but you can take the ride with the cute Retro Mickey Mouse shuttle to the Tokyo Disneyland Park if you prefer that to walking 5 min.

Disney characters decorate the hotel on mini kid sofas, cups and sheets.

Disney cartoons are on display at the check in area, so you can take your time and ask all the questions you need to while the kids are kept busy.

Amenities in the rooms include little souvenirs with Disney characters.

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Hotel MiraCosta (at Disney Sea)

Hotel MiraCosta (at Disney Sea) This impressing five-star Disney hotel is built right into the park.
In fact, you might even miss the entrance – it has been blended in so well with ‘Mediterranean harbor’…

The luxurious lobby, hand painted ceilings and gold taps make for a classic, up-scale experience.

Rates and Reviews: Hotel MiraCosta (at Disney Sea)

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Disneyland Hotel Tokyo

Disneyland Hotel Tokyo The latest of the three on-site Disney hotels was opened in 2008.Its also the largest of them, very high standard and well maintained.
It has a lovely Victorian theme design with Disney touches throughout.

The rooms are designed with motifs from Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and other Disney characters.

It is so close to the park that you can actually see into it.
In spite of that it is very quiet.

You can easily return to the hotel in the afternoon if you have kids that need a nap or if you just want to escape the crowds.

This Hotel offers many extras –
* Free delivery from Disney shops to the hotel.
* Free delivery of your suitcase straight from the JR Station (so you can start your Disney vacation right away without going to do check in at the hotel first).
* Ticket sales with guaranteed entry to the Disney Resort even during peak season.

Rates and Reviews: Disneyland Hotel Tokyo

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Cheaper Hotels Near Disney Japan


Fortunately, staying in one of the Disneyland hotels can be Affordable.

Disney Resort Hotels are not for everyone’s budget, but you can always go for the hotels which are located right next to the resort.

These ‘Official Disney Hotels are located 3-5 minutes ride on the cute Micky mouse monorail.

The monorail is operated by Disney Resort and is very efficient and frequent.

There’s another advantage to staying in the hotels further away from the Park – less noise.

The Official Hotels Near Disneyland are not as pricey as the on-site Disney Hotels.

Other advantages-

  • You can purchase Disney park tickets at the Hotel, and You have a guaranteed entrance to the Disney Parks even during periods of restricted entrance at peak season.
  • You can easily return to the hotel during the day, take a refreshing break, and come back for afternoon shows or nighttime illuminations.
  • You can get there straight from Narita Airport by direct buses from the airport.

Haven’t found a Hotel deal that suits your budget?

There’s even cheaper options –
The ‘Tokyo Disney Resort Partner Hotels’ are very Affordable Hotels located within an Easy commute from the Disney park.

These Hotels provide a shuttle bus to the Disney monorail line which circles the park.

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Tokyo Disneyland Ticket Prices

A few Disney facts you should know if you want to get Cheap Disneyland Tickets.

Disney Japan and Disney Sea have separate Tickets.
You need to buy a ticket for each one of them.

There is a one day ‘passport’ which includes either Disney Park Attractions or Disney Sea Attractions.

If you want to stay more than one day (recommended, both parks are incredible), then buy the Multi-Day passport which gives you some discount. The discount gets really valuable if you buy for 3 days or more.

The Multi-Day Disneyland Tickets lets you enter Disneyland and Disney Sea at the same day.

Park Tickets are sold at Tokyo Disney’s welcome center at the entrance to the park.
But you really don’t want to buy them that way. The lines for buying tickets can take an hour or more.

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Visiting Both Of The Parks At Tokyo Disney Resort

Always buy Tickets at the Disney Park itself or from a trusted authorized source.
Buying cheap Disney tickets from an unofficial source has led many good people into trouble.
There’s news about fake Disneyland Tickets going around every once in a while.

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Tokyo Disneyland & Disney Sea Guide Book

Japan Disneyland & Disney Sea Guide Book

If you went to Disneyland Japan today, would you know:

  • How to find the Cheapest Tickets
  • How to navigate Tokyo station like a pro
  •  How to book an Affordable hotel that is only 3 min away from the park
  •  How to triple the number of rides you board in one day
  •  How to go from standing 2 hours in line to 30 min or less for the most popular Rides
  •  How to add thousands of yen to your budget

Tokyo Disney land & Disney Sea Guide Book

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