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Discover Traditional Foods in Japan

What You Don’t Know About Traditional Japanese Foods can take you by surprise.
Here’s The Straight Scoop On the Traditional Japanese meal.

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If you’re thinking Japan foods and Sushi comes to mind, then you’ve come to the right place.
Food in Japan is so much more than Sushi.
Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Foods you’re likely to find in a traditional Japanese meal…

Japanese Food: Top 10 Foods In Tokyo Restaurants

Japanese Mochi

Traditional Japanese Diet

Personally, I prefer Japanese Foods to any other cuisine.
It’s healthy, it’s light, and it tastes Soooo good…
On top of that – it is always presented in such a beautiful way…

plain cooked rice is served with every Japanese meal. Yes, breakfast too.

Green tea is served with every Traditional Japanese Meal.

Miso Soup accompanies breakfast, lunch and dinner too. Its made from Miso paste (soy beans), wakame seaweed and small pieces of tofu.

Agedashi Tofu are deep fried tofu slices dipped in soy sauce

Tempura is deep fried seafood or vegetables coated with tempura mix.

Tonkatsu are deep fried pork cutlets.

Okonomiyaki a simple warming comfort food, eaten in restaurants or better even – at food stalls in festivals.
It is basically made from flour, eggs and cabbage. The toppings can be meat, seafood, wasabi or cheese. The toppings change according to the region.

To grasp the amount of seafood eaten in Japan I recommend a visit to Tokyo fish market, – the largest seafood market in the world.
See More: Tokyo fish market

Sashimi is raw fish, eaten with soy sauce and wasabi. Impeccably fresh fish is the secret to wonderful sashimi and sushi. You can count on it to be fresh and clean in every Tokyo restaurant.

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