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Your Japanese Cherry Festival Questions… Answered!
Tokyo Cherry Blossom Festival
What Period Is The Best One To See Cherry Blossom?

The festival is very short. Full bloom is usually reached within one week after the opening of the first flower. A week later the petals are falling off the trees.
We post regular Updates every year, beginning in February about Cherry Blossom predicted dates. For this year’s Cherry Blossom see here.

The blooming time of the Cherry Blossom Trees changes from year to year depending on the weather the winter before.
If the weather during the months before the season was mild, the flowers will open around end of March. If it was a cold winter, the trees will bloom later on, in early April.
So, basically the beginning of the Festival can change from year to year by as much as two weeks.

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I Shall Be Going To Japan With My Girlfriend In April, Arriving In Tokyo April 17th. Will That Be Too Late To Experience The Cherry Blossoms? If So Would Making My Trip A Week Earlier Enough?

Arriving earlier would certainly guarantee you more convenient access to Cherry Blossom, as most hot-spots in Tokyo will still be sporting a luscious array of pink midway through April’s second week. Even better, the Cherry Blossom will be falling at that time, thus creating that classis romantic image as you picnic among it. My own parents arrived in Tokyo on April 10th this year and were fortunate enough to catch the back end of the Cherry Blossom. Should you arrive in Tokyo on April 17th, you will most likely need to head further north to glimpse the full beauty of the signature flower of spring.

The Most Difficult Part About Planning For Cherry Blossom Is The Gamble That I Have Picked The Correct Dates To Fly Over To Japan, Hoping That We Will Get To See The Blossoming!

It shouldn’t need to be. Provided that you are willing to travel a little by train, you can catch Cherry Blossom any time between late-February and mid-May, thus providing plenty of latitude for holiday planning. As you have probably gathered from other answers posted here, Kawazu is great for late-February and Kyoto starts to flower in late-March.

Tokyo and Saitama (Omiya Park particularly recommended) will turn pink in the first two weeks of April, while Maebashi, Gunma, will remain pink after that. Tohoku and Hokkaido will boast shiny Cherry Blossom well into May.

Best Tokyo Hotels For Cherry Blossom Viewing

Marunouchi Hotels

Hi…I Will Be In Kyoto Last Week Of March…Will I Still Be Able To See The Cherry Blossom?

Absolutely! Maruyama Park is a highly popular Cherry Blossom viewing spot in late-March, and even better in early April when the trees become illuminated at night. The hilly, idyllic confines of the iconic Kiyomizu Temple are also worth a visit in late-March, described as “a delight both day and night”.  The trees may be even more resplendent against the backdrop of Mt. Hiei and Mt. Atago at Arashiyama, as they begin to bloom in mid-March in this area.

Although Kyoto’s blossoms opened earlier than the capital, they too seemed to peak in the first week of April, as did the historic former capital of Kamakura. Generally, the further north you go, the later the Cherry Blossom blooms. In Hokkaido, it is perfectly possible to see full-bloom Cherry Blossom in mid-May!

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