Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival 2014

The Most difficult thing about planning Your trip to Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival 2014 is Getting the Dates Right!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival 2014

Japanese Cherry Blossom 2014 In Tokyo

Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival ebookTokyo officially reached full bloom on March 30th 2014. You can expect the cherry blossoms to stay at their peak over the next few days.
In Yasukuni Shrine there are many food and drink stalls along the path, and during the weekend the place was bustling with activity.
Sumida Park, not far from Asakusa, is a popular cherry blossom viewing spot
Check out this Amazing Cherry Blossom Cruise along the Sumida River.
In Ueno Park, one of Tokyo’s more popular cherry blossom viewing spots, the blossoms are already in full bloom. A popular activity here is renting a paddle boat and sailing along the cherry trees.
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Latest Update, March 26th – Cherry Blossom Festival has officially started in Tokyo on Tuesday March 25th, when Japan’s weather agency announced the start of the cherry blossom season.
Forecasters watching trees at the Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine said the city’s first blossoms had appeared there, marking the beginning of two weeks in which Tokyo’s parks, temple grounds, schools and streets will explode in pinks and whites.
The Japan Meteorological Agency announced that this year’s first blossoms had appeared at the usual time (unlike 2013, when they bloomed earlier than expected).

Latest Update, March 13th – 2014’s Peak Dates for Cherry Blossom Viewing in Japan – In Tokyo, the first blooms are set to appear on March 30 and should be in full bloom on April 6. Other first blooms include March 21 for Nagasaki, March 29 for Osaka, and March 28 for Kyoto, so there’s still plenty of time to arrange a flight and grab a hotel. Check out our Tokyo Hotel Deals.

Latest Update, March 6th 2014 – Early Cherry flowering (the Okanzakura and the Kanzakura types) spotted in Ueno Park. Weather today was sunny with blue skies and not so cold, so spring is on the way.

Latest Update, from February 2014 – For those heading to Japan for Cherry Blossom Festival, now you can start planning your itinerary. Tokyo is expected to reach full bloom around March 29th , Kyoto and Osaka around March 27th, and Sapporo around May 5th.
Note: This is only a forecast; the exact blooming date may vary due to weather conditions!

On January 22, 2014 the Japanese weather service released their first cherry blossom forecast for this year.
They are predicting the blossoms will follow the average year’s schedule pretty closely in western Japan and a few days later than average in eastern and northern Japan. The predictions are based on February being colder than average across Japan, while March is expected to be average in western Japan but colder than usual in the rest of the country.
Below are the forecast dates of cherry trees blooming 2014 according to the Japanese weather service.
Please Note that early forecasts have been very inaccurate in past years.
It is not usually until early March that the accuracy of cherry blossom forecasts becomes more reliable.

Location and Estimated First Blooming Cherry Blossom Japan 2014
Tokyo, March 30th
Kyoto, March 29
Fukuoka, March 26
Osaka , March 27
Nagoya , April 1
Sendai, April 16

Last year (2013) Cherry Blossom Festival Japan rolled out in a very unexpected way. Read along to See How this could effect YOUR Cherry Blossom Japan 2014 too.

It started on January 23, when one of Japan’s private weather services, Weathermap, released its first forecast of the year predicting the blossoms will follow the average year’s schedule pretty closely.
On February 8th, The Japan Weather Association announced the blossoms will open according to their average schedule (March 23rd till April 1st).
It was a HUGE surprise when First cherry buds bloomed in Tokyo March 16th 2013 – A full week before anyone expected them, courtesy of the above-average temperatures of the week before.
For many foreign tourists who have booked flights to Japan and hotels based on these predictions, it was a major heart-break.

Tokyo Cherry Blossom Festival

Tips and Clues About Tokyo Cherry Blossom Festival

How to Stop Feeling like you’re Gambling When You Book Your Flight Dates?

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What to Do if your Timing was Wrong

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