Love Hotels

Discover The Secrets Behind Tokyo’s Love Hotel Scene

Japanese Love Hotels in Tokyo Shibuya have neon signs, Faux castle exteriors, mirrors, Karaoke and costumes.

Love Hotels

In a country notoriously famous for schoolgirl-inspired porn and subway gropers, the existence of these fantastic hotels might not come as a surprise. But there’s a very good reason for these unique Hotels in Shibuya…

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Living in Tokyo is so expensive because of the price of land, that most apartments are tiny.
Add to that traditional rice-paper walls, courtesy of Japan’s frequent earthquakes, and you get the need for Hotels for making love as a part of Japan’s culture.
From high school students to middle aged couples, all want some privacy.
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How Do You Recognize Japanese Love Hotels in Shibuya Tokyo?

It’s no secret that these Hotels receive a whopping 500 million visits a year. This rough estimate comes down to 2 percent of Japan’s population visiting each day.

In Shibuya Tokyo, there’s an area called ‘Love Hotel Hill’.
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Love Hotels (c) Bakoko at Flickr

You can actually know one from miles away…

Don’t expect anything subtle here.
Think tacky and loud.
Bright-lit neon signs with funny names, usually inspired by western love movies.
Faux castle exteriors…you get the picture.
Amenities typically include plenty of mirrors, large TVs with Karaoke and big bathtubs.
Some of these hotels are themed and may come with Cosplay costumes.
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These unique hotels are designed to minimize contact with the staff
That’s why in most of them you won’t see anyone at the lobby.
The system works like a vending machine. Vacant rooms are ordered from a photo screen menu in the lobby. You simply press the button of the room that you like.

There are two prices, one for ‘rest’ that usually charges by the hour, and another for ‘stay’ for the whole night, which usually is available only after 10 pm.

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